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Intervention in Mali: Human Rights First?

Originally posted on Justice in Conflict:
A familiar face returns to JiC, as Andrew Jillions joins us for this timely post the need for a human-rights focused approach to France’s intervention in Mali. For more of Andrew’s post, see here. Enjoy! France’s intervention will amount to much more than wine and baguettes. Where have all the humanitarians gone? It…

Looking Ahead in Mali

By SCOTT STRAUS and LEIF BROTTEM Published: January 18, 2013 in NYT CHANCES are that French air power combined with superior numbers and equipment on the ground in Mali will prevail and force the jihadis to retreat in some fashion to the Sahel. That, however, will hardly be the end. We know from previous wars … Continue reading

Morocco festival brings music to Sahara, solidarity for women, musicians of Mali

Originally posted on Morocco On The Move:
Story Update:  **“Singing is universal right”-exiled Mali musician.  Watch on YouTube** AFP, Middle East Online, YouTube by Simon Martelli (M’Hamid, Morocco, Nov. 14, 2012) — Rousing desert rhythms brought to life the oasis of M’Hamid, last stop in Morocco before the vast empty wastes of the Sahara, as musicians from across…